Do You Think You Are Investor Ready?

We have built three different self-assessment tools that will help clarify your understanding of your traction, viability and investor attractiveness – for technology companies, hardware companies, and international companies looking to enter the US market. You can also check out the assessment programs we offer.  

Self Assessment for Science and Technology Companies

Do you think your startup is ready for investors? We’ll ask you a few key questions in nine critical areas of your business, and then generate a report with your score for each of those key critical areas, along with a number of reminders of what investors expect in a fundable startup.

US Market Readiness Assessment

The US Market is certainly a desirable target for companies from around the world, but coming to America has its own set of challenges – a possibly different product-market fit and value proposition, a competitive landscape that is typically more challenging, a more expensive operating environment, and more. However, tapping into a market this big could be a game-changer, so could be well worth it. Make sure you do all your homework before coming here, and make sure you start with the best chance for success.

Hardware Company Investor Readiness Assessment

You dazzled them at the pitch event. Now what? If you got them excited with your pitch, they may want to interview you further and start due diligence. This means your deal room (also called data room) should be complete with all your key investor documents – legal, financial, references, and other details of your business. We perform a mini due diligence, score your business, and then give you lots of tips and resources to get even more buttoned up!