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We help high-potential founders build their startups, achieve traction and become investor-ready. Our virtual accelerator and proprietary investor readiness evaluation framework empower our global community and can make connections with a network of 300+ angel investors, VC’s, and strategic partners. Let us help make your idea a reality.

We have created a self-paced acceleration program that is well suited to founders doing exciting things with limited timeanywhere in the world

Your Membership Benefits

Build your startup with Silicon Valley Support

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with experienced investors and successful Silicon Valley founders to guide you through the day-to-day operational, sales and strategic challenges you will face as you build. You will get experienced, investor-perspective on topics including scaling your startup, go-to-market strategies, investor-readiness, and more.

$150,000 Worth of Freebies and Discounts

We have partnered with the leading startup service providers to offer members key resources needed during launch and expansion, including free web hosting credits, cloud computing services, accounting services, legal resources, provisional patent filing, cap table management and much more.

Access to an online self-paced founder training accelerator that has the videos, templates, tools, documents, calculators, go-to-market strategies and more that successful startups have used to become viable. You can leverage what has already worked for startups to build more and more traction (our team has collectively worked with over 950 startups).

 Investor-Assessment and Introduction Program


Improve Your Investor-Readiness

Determine your current Investor-readiness score. Accredited investors will calculate your current score using our proprietary assessment framework and our team will work with you to focus on what is most important to improve your readiness.

Due-diligence Documentation

Set Up Your Online Deal Room

Create your private deal room using our templates combined with feedback from accredited investors so that you can have all the documents an investor might need when doing due diligence in consideration of an investment in your business. You will also create a public deal room for circulation on established investor platforms.

Growth Hacking

Adjust Your Business Strategies

When you achieve an appropriate readiness score, a bridge to Silicon Valley networks, resources and accredited investors will be available to accelerate your path to market.

Live Investor Pitch Day

Perfect Your Startup Pitch

Get insightful guidance from accredited investors to ensure that your 7-minute pitch video reflects your startup’s story and key performance metrics in the best light so that you can stand out immediately.

It was a privilege to work with the team at SVIYP and our organization is incredibly thankful for the continued education, support, and encouragement. Everyone involved provided incredibly valuable feedback and expertise which directly contributed to our growth and future success.
– Chelsie Lee 

Co-Founder  & CEO Shipsi U.S.A

The SVIYP team played a vital role as we dealt with product development and raising seed funding. They introduced us to key people, developing into important partnerships vital to our business. They assisted in our funding process by facilitating introductions to Skydeck, Bee Partners, and others. I highly appreciated my time with the SVIYP team in helping me to grow my business and be successful within Silicon Valley and beyond.
– MArio ornelas 

Co-Founder  & CEO zonetap, inc

The SVIYP team helped us build long-term relationships with key players in Silicon Valley, also, putting together a top board of directors and advisors. We were introduced to investors and invited to attend/present at highly selective events in Silicon Valley. This helped us work on partnerships, increase our company exposure, gain access to market, and learn “how Silicon Valley Works” from the inside. Our company has benefited immensely, it’s been night and day since I met them.
– Manuel tiglio 

Ceo & chairman of the board, fastechMedia inc

Our experience with the SVIYP Team and Process has been absolutely fantastic.  Startup Veterans evaluating our Pitch and providing us with content specific to our areas of need has been incredibly helpful to our team and business.

“They’ve worked with over 2,500 startups from countries including the USA, South Korea, Spain, South Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Republic of Georgia, Turkey, France, Mexico, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, and more”

Meet your lead instructors

Jeff Wallace

Silicon Valley Angel Investor & SVIYP Co-Founder.
Secured over $40 Million in equity and debt financing from accredited, angel investors, strategic partners and banking institutions. Forged a strategic partnership with Apple by securing a personal meeting with Steve Jobs. Led one start-up from zero to over $100 million in sales in a 4-year period. Co-Founder and President of The Batchery – a Silicon Valley incubator serving more than 100 startups from around the world.

Kal Deutsch

Silicon Valley investor-advisor & SVIYP Co-Founder.
Former CEO and Managing Partner of The Batchery – a Silicon Valley incubator serving more than 100 startups from around the world. Held a number of executive positions at companies ranging from Fortune 100 including Visa, Wells Fargo, and Price Waterhouse. Travels internationally to facilitate entrepreneur and startup workshops and boot-camps at incubators, accelerators, corporations and universities.
We have over 50 experienced coaches in different sectors to help you along the way.
your accelerator, your place, your pace
Silicon Valley Masterclass – The Investability Blueprint
Learn the 9 things that make your startup investor-ready for Silicon Valley and get experienced investors to give you a score based on these vital signs.

"One of the advantages of doing something quickly is if you do something wrong you can change it. In a startup, absolutely nothing happens unless you make it happen."


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