Investor Readiness Accelerator

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Acceleration Program & Group Office Hours

Three month membership gives you access to the online investor readiness masterclass with on-demand content on key actionable strategies including market and investor readiness, sales pipeline, metrics and KPIs, and reporting requirements. With the program, you also receive templates, calculators, checklists, and a deal room for due diligence, as well as weekly group office hours.

Investor Readiness Track (w/ investor introductions*!)

In addition to the great resources offered in the self-paced program, you can also sign up and get a detailed analysis of your readiness to pitch to an investor audience. We review your pitch deck and video to assess your company’s viability and traction across nine different areas of the business, while analyzing over 30 different metrics and KPIs. And when you score high enough, we will even take care of investor introductions*!

*with Readiness Score over 80%