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No matter what stage your startup is at, we have resources for you. From a wide variety of videos, articles and guides, all the way to a comprehensive self-paced accelerator program that can get your company investor-ready.

Bonus Videos

Videos covering topics like finance and accounting, cybersecurity, user personas, storytelling and others. Requires Pro Membership.

Top Ten Videos

Videos of Jeff & Kal recounting their top ten lists of topics very relevant to startup founders. Free to all Members.

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Handy guides to important startup topics like top investor questions & top bootstrapping freebies. Free to all Members.

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Online classes from world-class Silicon Valley veterans. Requires Pro Membership.


400+ curated articles relevant to startups, including legal, finance, marketing and many others. Requires Pro Membership.


We have built a platform for every startup budget and innovation stage

We know that doing a startup is hard. You’ll need help from people that have been down this path before and are ready to help you on your journey. That is why we created the world’s first SaaS Accelerator Community, which can help a pre-funding startup, as well as a post-funding company looking to accelerate for traction and investor readiness.

Why are you doing this?

The venture capital industry is built on a 90+% startup failure rate. While it is bad for VCs, it is especially bad for startups and their founders. We are putting together a platform of best practices, so we can help scale startup success. 

How are you different from other accelerators?

Our program is very tactical and practical, with a very strong focus on a 90 day plan to get traction and become investor ready. We do charge a membership fee for the full program. And, no, we do not take away 8% of your company.

How else can you help?

We even have an optional investor readiness assessment. We can evaluate your company based on the investor due diligence deal room you created through the accelerator. IF you score high enough, we’ll even make investor introductions!

What kind of freebies are included in the Accelerator Perks?

We have partnered with companies like Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud and Google for things like web hosting and cloud computing credits. We have a variety of other perks, like six months of accounting services, free provisional patent filing, discount cap table, and many more.

What is a Deal Room?

A common misperception of startup founders is that all they need to raise money is a pitch deck and some hustle. In reality, that pitch deck will only get most investors to say, “that’s interesting, I want to learn more.” Learning more happens through due diligence, when they review all the relevant materials (legal, financial, etc.) in a Deal Room, which we help you create in the accelerator.

What's included in the accelerator?

We include 8 very tactical and practical modules covering the major things you need for traction and investor readiness, including: Silicon Valley best practices, building market presence, patents, pilot partnerships and sales pipeline, finance & KPIs, competitive advantages, go-to-market and beachhead strategies, pitch optimization and much more! Plus you get a Deal Room set up, a wide variety of tools, templates & checklists, live office hours twice a week plus up to $175k in discounts and freebies.

What's happens after the accelerator?

You can stay part of the community for as long as want. That is why we offered the tiered pricing starting at $0.