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“He was absolutely amazing. He got me everything I needed …and more. I feel blessed to know Kal! He was a wonderful asset to the team.”

Gordon Viggiano

My Brain, LLC

“I’ve known & worked for Kal for over three years and strongly endorse him. He is sharp, energetic and has a high sense of integrity as well as urgency.”

Alex Chang

COO, Pillow

“Kal is great executive with superb attention to detail. He knows how to build killer applications and has strong technical skills to boot. I highly recommend Kal for any project and he is fun to work with too.”

David Hehman

Chairman, Spartina Ventures

“Kal is a very good mentor and he provides valuable advice to the startups whenever he noticed there is a need.”

Katherine Lam

Cyberport Tech, Hong Kong

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kal over the last year as co-Managing Partners at The Batchery, a Berkeley-based startup incubator. He is a smart, experienced, capable, responsive, responsible, zero-excuses get-it-done guy. When the going gets tough, Kal is right there to do what’s needed. Kal has successfully met all his commitments, led several initiatives, built coalitions, stepped up, and been a leader. His judgment is sound, and execution, effective. I recommend Kal without reservation.”

Sarosh Kumana

Board Director, SAF Holdings

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“Chief Revenue Officer-ing for Startups That Can’t Afford CROs”

One of the most important questions asked by someone launching a product or business is, “how do we make money?” Just as important is, “how do we maximize profits?” Larger, established companies are able to hire Chief Revenue Officers to leverage broad oversight over sales, marketing, product and finance to achieve that profit-maximization goal. Kal leads a discussion on key strategies that a company of any size can employ to achieve some of those same goals.

“The KPI’s of Growth Hacking Success”

You have a great product and are ready to scale. Now what? What are the best tactics you can employ to put your company on a sustainable path? How do you accurately measure your progress toward the that coveted “hockey stick” of growth? In this session, Kal reviews the critical importance of KPI’s and metrics to track and elevate tactics that work from those that don’t work, as well as those metrics that investors want to see to measure a company’s progress.

“Six Economic Theories Every Entrepreneur Should Know”

You think that Econ 101 does not apply to you and your business? Guess again! Kal introduces six key economic concepts and translates them into layman’s terms that non-economists can understand and appreciate. With an understanding of and strategies to leverage these concepts, participants will gain the opportunity to better maximize the profits of their businesses.

“Launching Without a Value Proposition? Prepare to Fail!”

Kal takes the audience deep on the Value Proposition portion of the Business Model Canvas, the primary tool of Lean Startup. Starting with some case studies related to some high-profile product launch failures, he teaches the crucial need for understanding the customers’ needs and wants as they pertain to the company’s product offerings. He wraps the session off with an exercise beginning the audience’s journey into deeper insight into customer needs.

“What’s Your Problem?!”

Kal leads participants through a gameshow-style program that teaches the crucial need to define the customer problem before developing a product. This interactive exercise with considerable participant involvement allows people to go deep on discussing and exploring customer problems which drive the need for that company’s solution. This session is applicable to any people interested in or involved in the launch of a product or company. Audience members should be prepared to present aspects of the company/product model.

22 additional topics available upon request.

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