Jeff Wallace

speaking topics : Mobile technology | Innovation | Disruption


Not only does Jeff have extensive knowledge and experience within the mobility market, but he also has a fantastic vision for how to genuinely help businesses grow and succeed with technology. “

Robbie Westacott

Former Editor of Enterprise Mobility Exchange, a division of the International Quality & Productivity Center

“Jeff has a deep understanding of the business opportunity created when you untether the enterprise. His creativity, communication skills, domain knowledge and easy persona establishes credibility equally with the Fortune 500 CEO or HTML5 developer.”

Tom Thimot

Chief Executive Officer, Clarity Insights

“Jeff has an incredible way of not only telling his own story of professional growth and achievement, but telling it in a way that inspires others to take the necessary risks to pursue their own success. As he tells it…you never know what will happen next! Jeff is an amazing example of a person that has achieved his own success in the entrepreneurial arena, but yet has remained humble, engaging, and interested in giving back…”

Roxanne Hernandez

Director, International Diploma Programs, University of California at Berkeley Extension


“The Seven Things You Must Do to Succeed with Enterprise Mobility”

Few, if any, recent technological shifts embody a mixture of advantages and challenges more than enterprise mobility. Yet, global enterprises struggle with how to successfully deploy mobility and leverage it to reach their ever-connected customers and workforce. In this session, we’ll showcase the ‘Seven Things You Must Do to Succeed with Enterprise Mobility’. The presentation discusses a series of observations which have led to these specific seven recommendations which enterprises can deploy to enhance the outcomes of their mobility initiatives.

“Want These Three Letters – ROI, Focus on These Two – UX”

Over the course of the past two decades, the debate over what makes for an engaging digital customer experience has been an ongoing conversation – over and over, anywhere and everyplace. As we dive deeper into the worlds of the Internet of Things, Enterprise Mobility and overall Digital Transformation, understanding how to best engage users is critical. If you subscribe to my philosophy, that user experience drives user adoption and user adoption drives ROI, then without a doubt, the best opportunity to earn ROI on such investments is to pay close attention to creating a compelling user experience. We’ll discuss such topics specifically as they relate to these technologies.

“The Power of Disruption, Innovation & Teamwork” Description”

In today’s business environment, the term “disruption” is bantered about incessantly. However, what is really meant by “disruptive” and how can we as workers think about what it means to each of us? We’ll talk about what “disruptive innovation” is, who the disruptors are, the value of being disruptive, and how we can think about bringing disruption to our work environment. We showcase a video example to demonstrate these points.

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