DealEngine 12 Month Self-Improvement & Assessment Program

$998.00 / year

DealEngine is startup support and analytics reimagined. Since startups are most vulnerable to failure when they lack a well-balanced team or product-market fit, the DealEngine tools focus on both key business indicators and team composition. Their platform allows founders to follow a roadmap to the startup journey and get the right resources at the right time, all the while monitoring their progress towards traction and market validation.


DealEngine offers a complete set of tools that allow founders to optimize the key drivers of startup success or failure: team, product, market, and money. These components are critical, as 80% of startup failures happen because of team and product/market fit.

The DealEngine toolset includes:

  • Playbook – A tasklist-driven guided roadmap to the startup journey
  • Key resources available to help accomplish those goals
  • DealScore – An easy-to-understand 1-10 scoring of your key metrics and KPIs
  • Quarterly updates on traction and market-readiness