We are excited that you have joined the Silicon Valley in Your Pocket accelerator program! We have eight modules that are absolutely key to the viability and investability of your company. You can proceed through each module at your pace. Each video is only about an hour, but the amount of time required afterwards depends on you and your company. If you’ve nailed any of the key goals, then you can skip ahead, but if there are still lingering uncertainties, then you’ll need to work on it. Addressing any areas of your business that needs improvement is homework you’d need to do anyway to take your company to the next level.

A couple of important items to note:

  1. Starting Point: Your dashboard is always accessible at:
  2. Online Courses: You can access all the self-guided courses at:
  3. Deal Room: If you signed up for the Deal Room for due diligence, you should also receive an invitation from Google Drive for access to your custom online Deal Room. The Deal Room is structured to mirror the account you will eventually create at Gust.com. You have full read/write access. Only you and our team have access, as we take privacy very seriously. You can invite another co-founder to also have access.
  4. Checklists, Templates & Calculators: You will receive an invitation from Google Drive for access to all the tools, templates, checklist, and calculators you’ll need throughout the program. The online folder with startup documents (templates, calculators, checklists, etc.) will be accessed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1sV1Fk-lQcTn2sEHZPtsL802nMyBwYNpV?ogsrc=32
    You only have read access to documents in the documents folder and will need to copy a document in order to edit your version of it.
    Google Drive folders have been associated with the email addresses you provided. If you have another personal email that is associated with Google, let us know.
  1. Investor Readiness Assessment: If you are interested in a subsequent assessment, you can review the two options for assessment here:
    The Pitch Deck Assessment offers a review of your pitch deck, executive summary and pitch video, scoring from 0-100 in 9 categories:
    The Deal Room Assessment has everything in the prior assessment plus complete Deal Room assessment, scoring from 0-100 in 9 categories:
  2. On your Dashboard you will also find a wide variety of articles tools, guides, videos, and more. We encourage you to explore our library full of these resources.

We look forward to working with you!


The Silicon Valley in Your Pocket Team