Our motto is “stop asking for funding and start asking for traction.” Most companies begin to fundraise too early, before they have any market validation and traction. We’ll introduce the various fundraising channels, strategies and related documentation, but we also introduce templates and tools to help you build a pipeline of sales prospects that will help you show a compelling narrative to investors.

Key things to do or document in Module 6 include the following:

  1. Understand the right fundraising channel(s) and strategy to pursue
  2. Choose an investment vehicle (Convertible, Equity, SAFE, KISS, etc.)
  3. Use the Funding Scenarios Template to understand multiple funding rounds, dilution, etc.
  4. Revisit prior work, including checklists and Pilot Partnerships to ensure that you have a viable company

As always, you can begin the next module here: https://siliconvalleyinyourpocket.com/my-account/. Good luck!

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Jeff Wallace & Kal Deutsch