We are so excited to have you on-board with us for the duration of this acceleration program. This program is self-paced, but we are very confident that all the materials are very practical, actionable and very relevant to your objectives to creating a viable and investable company.

In Module 1 we will discuss what made Silicon Valley great and show how it has served as a model for innovation zones developing throughout the world. We will also introduce the standard presentation templates used by most companies in Silicon Valley, as well as the Deal Room, which is basically a document repository used to share key company information with investors during Due Diligence. Populating this Deal Room will be a key activity in the coming weeks.

Key things to do or document in Module 1 include the following:

  1. Learn about the four types of tools/checklists/calculators we’ll provide you: Pitch Readiness, Due Diligence, Self-Assessment, External Meetings.
  2. Do your own Readiness Assessment to see if your own view of your company is consistent with how others see you.
  3. Begin to work on your Deal Room. This is the repository of key documents that you’d share with a prospective investor. We set one up for you on Google Drive. Make sure to share with us a GMail account so that you can access that secure space. You’ll also see in there a Deal Room checklist to remind you of the requisite documents. No one else but you and our team will see the contents of this folder; it is strictly for our collaboration. Once things are ready for prime time, we’ll help you get set up on Gust.
  4. Check out Pitch Deck and Executive Summary templates, as well as all the other resources for the entire course at https://tinyurl.com/sviyp-docs. Make sure you shared your GMail address so that you have access.

As always, you can begin the next module here: https://siliconvalleyinyourpocket.com/my-account/. Good luck!

If you signed up for the live office hours – please make sure to submit questions at least 12 hours in advance of our office hours. To maintain fairness, we will answer questions in the order that they are received. If there is time left at the end of the submitted questions, we will open up Q&A to anyone on the line. You can request to ask a question by submitting a comment in the chat window during the session. Please use the following link to submit your questions in advance: https://tinyurl.com/sviyp-weekly-questions.


Jeff Wallace & Kal Deutsch